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Dual enrollment allows students to take courses through WSCC which count towards both high school requirements as well as college credit for a future degree. It is a great option for getting a head start on training for the workforce and or making a transition into a successful college experience. Some dual enrollment students even graduate from college before their high school graduation!

Tuition at WSCC is also significantly less than tuition at a four-year institution, and scholarships may be available.

Is Dual Enrollment right for everyone?
The Dual Enrollment Program is an opportunity to take challenging courses and accelerate education opportunities. Students who successfully complete dual enrollment courses will save time toward their college degree. Students should understand, however, that dual enrollment courses are college courses, and the amount of work necessary to succeed may be much greater than in high school courses. In addition, these become a part of a student’s permanent college transcript and are calculated into the student’s permanent postsecondary GPA. It is important to do well in these courses to realize all the benefits.

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Chancellor's Procedure 801.03: Admission Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit for High School Students