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Intervention and Referral Request
If this is an emergency, please call the Wallace State Police Department – 256.735.9975  

Wallace State is committed to maintaining individual and overall faculty, staff, and student safety and well-being through pro-active and collaborative prevention, assessment, and intervention. Therefore, the CARE (Communicate, Assess, Refer, Educate) Reporting System was created to provide options in reporting concerns to appropriate campus personnel and acts as an early warning and intervention program designed to assist members of the campus community in reaching their full potential by identifying and addressing potentially problematic behavior. 

The CARE Team helps find solutions for students experiencing academic, social and crisis situations including mental health concerns. Members of the college community can report a concern for a student who might benefit from services. We review these reports to understand each student issue and the on- and off-campus resources that may guide them to success. 

The CARE Team steps in to connect students with relevant campus resources and outside agencies. Most times, we may need to communicate with the reporting party to help accurately assess the needs of the student. The CARE Team will also outreach to the student to understand his/her situation and develop a plan of action leading towards his/her success. 

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